BuzzOFF Mosquito of Tampa Bay Has the Mosquito Systems You Need

If you have a mosquito problem in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, BuzzOFF Mosquito has the mosquito systems you need. Our staff is licensed and certified to customize mosquito systems to fit your needs. It’s your yard. Enjoy it!

For a temporary solution, such as for an outdoor party, BuzzOFF Mosquito can come and spray your property. This is a very effective yet temporary mosquito system. If you want seasonal control, we can come out more often. However, we recommend more permanent mosquito systems for long term control.

The BuzzOFF Mosquito Mitigator™ System is the best mosquito system on the market. The mosquito systems feature a main reservoir, control unit and pump. These are connected to a system of durable, nylon tubing and precision brass nozzles installed strategically throughout your yard. The mosquito systems, at pre‑determined intervals, will trigger a timer. This timer alerts the pump to send the solution through the installed line and out the nozzles. It does this in a fine mist.

The mosquito systems we have are fully automated with preset intervals. The mosquito systems generally distribute out the mist 3 times a day for 20‑40 seconds each.  If you have an event you need to prepare for, you can use the remote control on the mosquito systems to spray extra times before the event and stop any spray during the event. The Mistigator™ mosquito systems reset at midnight to your original settings. The control unit has a battery backup that keeps the timer functioning properly in case of a power outage. Our mosquito systems are created from original equipment. We constantly refine our mosquito systems and processes to meet exacting standards that we set. BuzzOFF Mosquito isn’t looking to be the cheapest option, we want to be the BEST option, we want to provide you with the best mosquito systems possible at an affordable price.

Our owner, Tom Stephen, has a degree in chemistry with a focus on agricultural products. He has over 30 years of experience in the agriculture business and is a licensed pest control operator. Tom and our staff and stockholders, which include a physician and Ph.D. in entomology, have studied different mosquito systems and know how they impact your families, pets and the environment. Our mosquito systems of choice are misting systems. We prefer the outdoor misting solution based on research and in accordance with sound environmental practices.

Because of our experience, we know when insects are active and how to kill and repel these pests. Our design, installation and service teams ensure that the ultimate deployment of our mosquito systems meet our strict protocols and guidelines to provide you the best mosquito elimination systems available. BuzzOFF Mosquito has the most detailed installation and service training manuals and programs in the industry. We work with many of the best and most respected landscape architects and builders in the United States. We are consistently looking for new and improved ways to install effective mosquito systems. We have the best mosquito systems in the industry. Contact BuzzOFF Mosquito today for your free consultation.

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