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Zika Virus Facts

The Zika virus is prevalent in tropical areas like Central and South America. Florida has seen it’s share with at least 16 reported cases. So far, all of the cases have been a result of a person traveling to the infected areas but many believe it will just be a matter of time before we have infected mosquitoes here. The Zika Virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti and the Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Both species are here in Florida so many of our customers are concerned about this and want to know what they can do to control it in their area.

The biggest thing we should all be doing is to make sure you have no breeding areas for mosquitoes in your yard. A fun fact…one mosquito can lay 1000-3000 eggs in her life time. Clean out your gutters, turn over buckets and unused pots. Spray a diluted solution of dish soap and water on your bromeliads, remove old tires or anything that can hold water. Clean out overgrown areas in your yard. Throw mosquito dunks in stagnant ponds and uncovered rain barrels. Swish the water around in birdbaths or empty them all together and plant flowers.


Our customers have good start on mosquito control with their automatic mosquito misting systems but nothing can get rid of all the mosquitoes. It is so hot in Florida that wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts is not always practical so when you are out always put on bug spray.

We have had other mosquito borne outbreaks in the past and managed to keep control of the situation. Governor Rick Scott is taking the cases of Zika Virus seriously and declared a state of emergency. This has allowed Florida to be prepared for any future outbreaks.